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Oftentimes, reaching out for support is one of the hardest things we ever will do. It's also one of the bravest things we can do for ourselves. Mental health directly correlates with physical health and we need to care for both to feel our best in life. I understand that people go through numerous struggles; bad and scary things happen in life and it's important we have a place to feel safe and seen. I offer mental health support for a variety of concerns including: anxiety, depression, life transitions, day to day stress, relationship difficulties, sexual concerns, trauma, and more. I work with people as young as 10 all the way through the rest of life. 

Research tells us that the most successful therapy is due to clients feeling safe, connected, and a sense of trust with the person they are working with. More than 75% of positive therapy outcomes has everything to do with how well you feel connected with your therapist. I understand this and strive to be with my clients exactly where they are.  I understand each person is unique and I truly respect them as individuals. 

I am a gentle, compassionate, and caring person. I lovingly challenge the people I work with to dig deeper and also to slow down when things feel overwhelming. While this is a professional relationship, I encourage clients to speak with me the way they do in the real world, be you, that's who I want to see.

I'm just going to say it, therapy is difficult. It's like working a muscle that hasn't been touched in awhile, or ever, for some people. At times, there are tears and swearing, others there is laughter. It's important to know that therapy is a relationship where you get to be your authentic self, without judgement or blame from the other person. It's my job to create a safe place for you to feel you can explore and dig into aspects of life that could be better or changed. 


At my core, I believe for people and humanity to be happier and healthier, we need connection. We need support. And we need people who see us, accept us, and rally with and for us, especially in times of struggling. To me, connection means acceptance, grace, genuine care, support, and love.


When we feel connected, we have a chance to feel we are held, safely for all we are, through all we've done, and can begin to heal. To me, healing means finding the roots of where our struggles began, everything associated with them, be together with the pain, and then begin rebuilding our relationship with those memories, through kindness and compassion. Healing takes time and you are worth it. 


Peace is the goal. Peace within each of us truly creates a sense of safety and community. Peace is powerful, achievable, and here for you. I will meet and be with you in what feels like the darkest places of your mind, offering a caring hand and light to guide you to your own path of peace through healing and connection. 

What to expect...

There are many ways to do therapy. If you're looking for what to expect, put on your flexibility hat. Therapy with me can look many ways, in that I am here with you, as you are and tailor sessions to each client. I love being creative in this way and am grateful to be able to have flexibility to be with people.

I often share with clients that we might have a day where we sit and chat and the next session we're processing emotions through art, practicing deep breathing together, and sometimes I'm teaching you the science of the brain and nervous system. 

Everything is connected. I want you to feel safe practicing skills in session, equipping you to navigate life's ups & downs. 

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Kelsea Taylor Miner 


Sex Therapy Certificate


1612 South Bend Ave South Bend, IN 46617

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 Mondays: 10-4

Tuesdays: 10-4

Wednesdays: 9-12

Thursdays: 9-12



Anthem, Aetna, CHA, Meritain 

Flat Rate: $160